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  1. obito-sempay

    [Anime] Boku no Hero Academia 5x24

    Hoy no he visto dibujo del capítulo como de costumbre para crear el tema. Por lo que sin dibujo.
  2. obito-sempay

    [Manga] My Hero Academia 324

    So let's get started! Chapter title: "A teenager's request" (the word here is exclusively masculine, so it could also be "A young boy's request") The first page shows small Ochako smiling as she looks at a man cheering, with a narration box saying "I loved seeing other people's happy faces" -We...
  3. obito-sempay

    [Manga] My Hero Academia 323

    -The chapter begins with a flashback of the students at the principal's office, just before they went after Deku. Iida remembers the principal's words about showing everyone how effective the U.A. Barrier is, but he thinks that if they can bring Midoriya back peacefully that will be enough to...
  4. obito-sempay

    [Anime] Boku no Hero Academia 5x18

    Han adelantado la hora, supongo que por los juegos.
  5. obito-sempay

    [Manga] My Hero Academia 317

  6. obito-sempay

    My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

    Desarrollado por: Xin Yuan Studios Distribuido por : KOMOE Game corporation (Asia) Sony Pictures Television (US) A PLUS JAPAN (EU) Alguno esta jugando? Yo estoy en el servidor 2.